We’ll Get There…Somehow…

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life! Albert Einstein

We live in a heavily wooded place. Our town name is actually The Woodlands. Yes, we know…it’s clever and cute, but don’t you have a good visual of our town, now? Picture no buildings because you can’t see any of them. They’re hidden by all the trees. We’re constantly in a fog of trees – which is great if you know where you’re going, but horrible if you are new to town. Giving directions is just as hard, too: Turn left by the Chick Fila, but you won’t be able to see the Chick Fila so turn left by the third big pine tree on your…never mind just follow me, I’m headed that way, anyway.

Our kids go to a school right in our neighborhood, and yes, it is surrounded by a thick line of trees. A dad from our school described it best when he said, “It’s amazing to all these people each morning come clamoring from out of the woods to get to school each day. Out of nowhere, kids and parents are busting through the woods on scooters, bikes, strollers, running, walking, skateboarding…if it’s a mode of transportation, it’s busting through the woods to get to school.”

So true. I would love to see an aerial view of this one morning! Hysterical!

Brainy Yak is all about family literacy. Literacy is made up of four components: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Family literacy is how those four components come through in your family’s day to day life and no two families are alike.

My husband grew up playing games. Scrabble was a big favorite in his house. He played once with me and once with my mom. Since then, his limited edition Scrabble game has stayed in the closet and only comes out when his mom is in town.

I grew up talking…a lot! Yes, we played games, but the game was a side show to all the stories and jokes being told. One little game could last for three hours in our house. Hence, the reason my husband won’t play Scrabble or really any other game with me, I talk too much during the game. I won’t mention how NOT fun he is to play with either!

So, families, this post is to get us thinking about what our unique family literacy is going to be. My husband and I each bring our unique background to the table, but we’re beginning to mesh those two together to create our own – one that works for us. As each family is clamoring through the woods to get to the destination, we must stop and think about our intentions and our engagement level with our family literacy. We will all reach our destination somehow and sometime. Just make sure you enjoy the ride along the way!


Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What activities does your family love to do together?
  2. How can you intentionally use some of these activities to promote your family’s literacy development?


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