The Gate Is Open

A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


We have a 118 pound black lab. His name is Mac. We love Mac. We got him before we had kids…he had it pretty good back then.

He’s adjusted pretty well, though. I think he’s figured the kids aren’t going anywhere.

Dinnertime has become his favorite part of the day. He’s no fool. His tongue turns part giraffe every day around 6:00. Hence, the 118 pounds, right?

He does get some exercise. He loves to go to the parks around our neighborhood. The slides and tunnels are his favorite. Yes, a dog who loves to slide. I promise you he even has a smile on his face when he is sliding down.

So, he does get out into the world.

But there are those days where he likes to escape through the back gate and have his own little adventure. You know, fly solo…sans kids.

I get it, Mac….I so get it.

All of our sweet neighbors are always on the lookout for Mac. They text me to let me know he’s out again, or they chase him down and walk him back to our front door (most of the time we don’t even know he’s gone.). He’s even been caught on camera and posted to the neighborhood Facebook page.

His face in the picture looks like he’s saying, “Aw, snap! I’ve been caught!”

I have a hard time getting mad at him, though. The world can be a pretty exciting place…and Mac knows it.

I almost wish he could tell us all that he has seen when he gets home.

I’d pull up an extra chair at the dinner table in a heartbeat if he could…we’d love to hear him share!

This week’s blog is about pulling up an extra chair and letting the world come to your table.

The world is an exciting and interesting place. Our dinner table can be the perfect place to connect our little world with the great big world for our kids.

Last week our first grader was learning about American symbols. Each night he would share something new he learned about the different symbols.

Loving his enthusiasm, I decided to ask each person to come to the table with a new fact about one of the symbols. It was fun to be able to have a discussion about the different ones. We were able to add little trivia facts for a lot of them.

I learned a lot, actually.

Did you know the Statue of Liberty was broken down into 350 individual pieces and packed into 214 crates for her trip to America from France?

Yeah, me either.

I also learned the dinner table is a powerful connector.

The dinner table connects us to the world but most importantly it connects us to each other.

At the dinner table, we connect through learning, sharing, commiserating, shedding some tears, and laughing….lots of laughing.

A stronger family with each spoonful.

So, how will you connect at your dinner table tonight?

The gate is open…it always is.



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