The Five Types of Summer Moms

Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.

Kellie Elmore

I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but summer is about to happen….to ALL of us. Which means, the kids will be home 24/7.


Are you ready for this, Moms?

I got to thinking, as I’m gearing up, about all the moms in the same boat as I am. Our days of being alone at home will soon be coming to a screeching halt.

Not to say we weren’t busy throughout the year, but our days of cleaning the toilet in peace and knowing the toilet could stay clean for at least the next four hours, will soon be long gone. The drips will be back as soon as we clean them now. Sigh.

It was fun while it lasted, right?

So, now we must put on our “summer mom” hat and just hope it matches our tankini….with the skirt, of course!

But what kind of “Summer Mom” are we? You know there are different types of Summer Moms, right?

In the carline the other day, it hit me that not all kids’ summers will be the same. That’s because there are different Summer Moms out there and moms are large and in charge!

So just for fun, I made a list of the different types of “Summer Moms”. There is not a wrong way or a right way to be, of course, but it’s funny to talk about with each other.

So, here goes…

1.The Type A Summer Mom: This is the mom who started talking about all the different camps her children are going to this coming summer as soon as we returned from Christmas Vacation. Her kids have been registered, paid for, and packed for all types of summer camps since January. Each week is a new camp!

2. The Overwhelmed Summer Mom: This is the mom, bless.her.heart., who was in complete denial summer was going to be happening to her. She is the one who actually lingers around school on the last day because she knows once she puts one foot off the campus, she is in charge of these little people 24/7 for the next 80 days and she is SO not prepared for this.

3. The Homeschooling Mom: This is the mom, who during the whole month of May, has gone to every teacher store around and gathered all the workbooks possible for next year’s grade level. There will be no forgetting for her child what he has learned these last nine months nor will he be unprepared for the next year. Nope. Not on her watch. For the next three months, she will be a homeschooling mom.

4. The Pool Summer Mom: This mom, up front on Day 1 of summer, announced to everyone she is NOT her kid’s event planner for the summer, but she will be happy to take her kids to the pool every day from open to close and let the lifeguards do the babysitting while she catches up on her reading and her tan. Summer is taken care of, y’all.

5. The All of the Above Summer Mom: This mom is probably what most of us are…a little bit of each. I can guarantee y’all, on any given day throughout the summer I could be any of these moms….mostly the Pool Mom really. Rockin’ my tankini…and my skirt to boot!.

Whatever Mom you are, embrace it and go with it! Let’s band together and enjoy our summers with our kids. Before we know it, it will be time for school to start again and we’ll be back to cleaning our toilets quietly as we listen to our podcasts. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the drips, the sticky faces, the wet footprints throughout the house, the fighting, the bickering….I could go on and on.

But, when I see you in the Fall, we can high five each other because we made it, survived the fun, and we did it our way!

Happy Summer Brainy Yakkers!



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