Ten Ways We Are Being Easy On Ourselves in 2017

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.

~Amelia Barr

I like easy and simple. It works best for me. I tend to shy away from things too complicated…too many steps and I’m  outta there!

Which is why I stay away from crock pot meals that require searing meat beforehand, (Let’s dump and go people!) outfits that require too much thought into them, and please don’t get me started on my third grader’s Math homework! I can finish his whole worksheet while he’s still adding the first two numbers in five unnecessary steps! Why? Just why?

Simple is better. Maybe I’m a little lazy, but I’d like to take that one step further and say I’m a lazy genius!

I bet you are, too! Let’s keep it simple in 2017. I think we will be so much happier! And remember, we are not lowering the bar, we are actually raising the bar to genius level!

Way to go us!

Here are ten simple ways Brainy Yak is reaching the genius level and simplifying things around here:

  1. cleaning-suppliesLet’s start with the cleaning schedule, shall we? We all hate it, but we all have to do it. We found a cleaning schedule that does a little bit each day so we’re not cleaning all day long! Umm, we have better things to do, right? Let’s get in and get out and move on to better things each day! Check here for the schedule.
  2. While we’re at it, let’s talk laundry. We have two ideas for laundry…pick the one that’s right for you.  (The first is included in downloadable in #1.)Right now, I’m going with the “laundry is clean, but it’s all over the couch “routine so that’s not working for me. My husband was looking for socks the other day and I looked at him and said, “You just need to learn where to look…it’s right on the couch. Get with it, please.” Yeah, that’s not working for me so either use the system on the above printable or try doing one load at a time. The key is don’t start a new load until the first load is dry, folded, and put away. I have found this method actually keeps the couch from being your closet or your dresser. My husband will be so confused when I start this again!laundry-everywhere
  3. If you are in a season of having a hard time meal planning ( have little ones, are pregnant, working, or just abhor the act of meal planning, or all of the above) try using a template for meal planning. That way, you don’t have to think too much when planning meals. Again, that’s not lazy that’s being a lazy genuis….you can think on other things now…like what’s the next book I want to read or should I cut bangs or not? Click here for an easy meal planning template.
  4. Speaking of reading, let’s read more this year. A professor once said we should all have a book going for fun all the time. Make 2017 theblog read alouds year you get through that book list. You’ll be glad you did. Like our Facebook page..we always have book recommendations for all ages!
  5. Keep your daily to-do tasks to 3-5 items and no more! There are only so many hours in the day and some of that time should be for reading! The house will always be there and tomorrow is another day. Get your little housecleaning schedule checked off, do a few more things for yourself towards your 2017 goals, and then call it a day! You’ll feel more productive focusing on a few things towards your main goal than doing 15 other piddly things! Remember, you’re a genius at getting the right things done and checked off!
  6. Yakkers – this might be a shameless plug, but if you haven’t had a chance to throw a Yakker lunch note into one of your kid’s lunchboxes, you need to try it! My kids love them and I look like the hero at the lunch table with absolutely no effort! Check them out here!
  7. Delegate Responsibly – Unless you live alone, you have other people walking around the house and unless they are very little, they are capable of helping out with chores. Think of yourself as the CEO of your house. Think of ways you can release some of the responsibility to them. What can you release today so that you can have that extra cup of warm coffee, (yes, I said warm) or read that extra chapter of your book?
  8. Get Rid of Clutter – it’s the beginning of the year and how many times have you heard the word “clutter”? The kids’ rooms, especially, can get out of hand so quickly! Every now and then, CEO, give the kids a magic number and ask them to get rid of that many things in their rooms. Go read a quick chapter while they are busy contemplating on getting rid of which My Little Pony figurine. Let it go…they got this!
  9. We love our Alexas! Do you have an Amazon Alexa or something like it? Even if you don’t, you can still try these.  Our new thing around here after dinner is everybody participates in the dinner clean up and nobody leaves until it is all finished! The fun part is have Alexa play three songs and try to finish clean up before those three songs are finished. If you get really good, you might be able to beat one song! That’s crazy talk, people! In the meantime, you have a little teamwork going on and a whole lot of dancing while doing the dishes!
  10. amazon-echoOne more Alexa tip – I have a third grader who doesn’t think oral hygiene is that important. Instead of me threatening to do it myself, which he hates, but he’ll thank me later when he asks a girl out for Prom with all his teeth in tact, I have Alexa set a timer for two minutes and whala…..he’s got a clean mouth! This goes back to releasing the responsibility to others…it’s a gradual release, but it should be happening! How else are you going to get all those books in this year?
  11. Bonus  tip – Let’s not strive for perfection! Be imperfectly imperfect! Brene Brown says, “Perfectionism hampers success.” Let’s not allow perfectionism to get in our way this year. It’s good enough and move on towards your goals for this year. It’s good enough…say it with me!

Alright, you lazy geniuses you, now let’s get cracking! Who’s with me?

Make 2017 your year!



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