Keepin’ It Simple with our Brainy Yak Read Aloud Zine

I want to start off with a K.I.S.S, not a real kiss but the “Keep It Simple Silly” kind of kiss. We are nearing the end of another school year and I find myself reminding my family of this saying more and more. Many things are factoring in to why I say this more now than any other time of year.

First off we are all weary, we know the end is near but it seems SO FAR away, there are no holidays left to look forward to, and tensions are high due to upcoming state testing (don’t even get me started). So when you think you just can’t put one foot in front of another, make one more lunch, cheerlead a kiddo out the door, try to keep everyone patched up with Motrin and Pepto Bismol or make it through another afternoon explosion of activities, homework and dinner. Not to mention the final push to get everyone to bed at a decent hour.

We fall back on a few simple truths, to the things we know work and will help us be succreading pic3essful. The idea of K.I.S.S can be applied to so many parts of our lives. I use it in my personal life and my professional life as a reading teacher. We here at Brainyyak have always considered ourselves to be our children’s first teacher so when I left the classroom setting to be home with my kids I knew it was my job to lay down a strong foundation for learning to read. I knew from my teaching experience what I needed to do to make the journey of learning to read fun and developmently appropriate. We here at Brainyyak got to thinking what if all parents of emergent readers had a simple plan book to lay that strong foundation on the road to reading.


So with K.I.S.S on our brain the Reading Zine was born. In it you will find easy, fun, developmently appropriate activities to help your pre-schooler tranistion through their literacy journey with joy and pleasure rather than frustration. If your child is taking to books like a duck to water then these activities will enhance and build good reading skills they will need in Kindergarten and beyond. If your child is more like my daughter (the reason read aloud zine new coverGod directed me to be a reading teacher) these activities will help your child with strategies to understand concepts of print. This is a book that I wish I had been able to put in the hands of every pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade parent at the beginning of every school year.
During one of Brainyyaks presentations to parents we asked how did you learn to read? Many couldn’t answer, many answered with “well I just learned to read”, some answered how they remember the struggles they had learning to read. Learning to read is a complex process and our goal is to help make it simple and fun!




reading by the pondSometimes I miss the early years when my kids were pre-school age and times were a bit easier to K.I.S.S. You are your child’s first and most constant teacher. I can’t promise things will be simple as your children grow and face the world we are in, but here at Brainyyak we have put together tried and true activities in the Reading Zine to help your family K.I.S.S with beginning literacy in your home.

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