If Nothing Else, I Will Be Rockin’ the Lunch Box This Year! Here’s How!

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.

~Franklin P. Adams

It’s 7:00 in the morning and you have one kid running around looking for clothes, shoes, homework, and backpack and the other is still sitting on the couch with major bedhead plotting a way to feign illness so she never has to move off the couch …all day.

Meanwhile, you are trying to pack lunches, yell down the hallway if he’d clean his room he might be able to find something, sip a few sips of coffee in between, yell at the sloth on the couch to get moving, find the library books due today, brush teeth (maybe), fill water bottles, throw an outfit at the sloth while yelling at her to get moving or we are going to be tardy. The other kid hears the word tardy and starts to panic and yells at the sloth. Now, you are forced to be referee in the middle saying to one: “You are not in charge, I can do my job without your help, thank you!” And to the other, “You, get moving, NOW!”

Those are my two older kids every.single.morning. The ongoing saga of the sloth and panicker.

Does any of this sound familiar? It does to me…..this was my morning this morning!

Not all of our mornings are this bad, although, some are not this good either! We did get out the door and everyone was dressed appropriately, had everything they needed (I think), and we were not tardy. Phew!

Mornings like this I am so glad I have Yakkers lunch notes on hand. It’s hard to sit and write a clever note (or any note) on those hectic mornings and I hate to not have anything written in their lunchbox. They are at school a long time, and I like the idea of them seeing a little reminder note from home in the middle of their busy day that I’m thinking about them…always!

My notes every day before I got Yakkers!


Maybe it will erase the image of me crazy eyed and running around in the mornings in my hot pink pajama pants or maybe they will just laugh and say that crazy lady does try.

Either way, I love the idea of communicating something meaningful with my kids during their day.

Plus, it has them looking forward to lunch no matter what I pack them! Have leftover meatloaf you hate to throw out? Pack it with a Yakker….they will all of a sudden love it!

Here are some other ways I have noticed how Yakkers have enhanced our days:yakker pic

  1. They are just so much fun and entertaining! There are so many fun bundles: Monthly Bundles filled with seasonal facts, jokes, hink pinks (ex. Crying Father Answer: Sad Dad), interesting seasonal words to build kid’s vocabulary; Joke Bundles, Hink Pink Bundles, Yak Attack Bundles (word riddles), SAT Words Bundles, Bible Verses Bundle and so much more! The kids love to read them and share them with their friends. Can we say great table talk for kids at lunch time? Yes!
  2. Enhances and fosters language development: The Yakkers are filled with higher level language and words that is fantastic for kids of all ages. It presents a fun way of learning new words, sayings, and idioms about the English language!
  3. Yakkers help the communication between me and my kids. After school, we have more to talk about now. It is a great segue into how their day was….it eases us into that daily conversation where I can learn about their day.
  4. Bumps us all up! These simple Yakkers boost our knowledge. We’re learning new words, facts, jokes together each day! I love the idea of being a lifelong learner and raising lifelong learners! Yakkers help make it so easy to do that!

So, do yourself a favor and make your mornings a little bit easier by grabbing a Yakker along with that leftover meatloaf. We promise you’ll be a hit!

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