Getting Ready for Kindergarten Series #3

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

John Wooden


Mom makes the best cornbread stuffing. It is just good southern stuffing and we all love to eat it every Thanksgiving and then some. It’s a recipe that has been passed down and passed down…

But it has stopped at Mom.

One Thanksgiving, I was hosting my husband’s family. I had never made the famous cornbread stuffing…never had to, but this year I was on my own. I needed the recipe. Desperately.

The morning before Thanksgiving, Mom calls and says “Honey, I’m making the cornbread stuffing. Why don’t you come over and make it with me?”

Score! I am finally going to get the recipe for the cornbread stuffing!

I go over with my pencil and paper in hand ready to take some notes. I call my sisters on the way to tell them we’re finally going to get it! Be ready! I’ll email it to you soon!

They’re super excited, too! (It doesn’t take much, does it?)

“Oh, honey. It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that.”

“Well, like how much of that? How much of this?”  I ask over and over again that morning.

“Just a little dab will do ya. You’ll know when it’s enough.”

Thank goodness, mom made a double batch that morning.

The three of us still do not have the recipe. I’m not sure we will ever get it. I need measurements. I need ingredients written down. I need the details.

As we continue our Getting Ready for Kindergarten blog series, we wanted to give you some really good details. We wanted you to walk away with some tools you can do right away.

This is a recipe for literacy success….too cheesy?

Kind of….I know, but we’re going to list two quick and easy things you can do this week with your soon-to-be kindergartner and/or preschooler and continue on throughout the summer.

The payoff is huge as simple as these two things are…we promise.

Let’s get to it:

  1. ABC Book: This is something I will start soon with my four year old. I will, however, keep this and use it for years to come. So, this is a great tool to have and to use over and over with your young reader and writer. Make an ABC book….slowly. I used half sheets of computer paper for each letter. Put twenty-seven pages together however you want to…I used a metal ring to bind it together. Only add a few letters each time. When I made my son Jake’s book, I started off with the letter J. Then over the weeks, I slowly added more letters that he knew. It took us close to two weeks to add all twenty-six letters to the entire book. Take your time with this…there is no reason to go fast as you introduce more letters to your child. Now, if your child knows all his letters, by all means, make it faster. You know your child the best, go with what he knows. My four year old does not know all her letters right now, so we will be slowly adding a few letters each day…starting with F for Frankie, J for Jake, M for our dog Mac, and D for Daddy. That will be the first few days then we will add some more letters using connections to other family members or interests.


Why do we want this ABC book?

Well, for starters, you want your child to, of course, learn his letters….both capital and lowercase letters will be written on each page along with a picture or sticker (let your child choose from some options) that begins with the letter. (Ex. Look at pic: We used a string to make a jump rope for the letter J.) As you add more and more letters,  allow your child to read the book as so:

Jj jump rope

Ff fish


Read the book over and over….your child will love this book because he will have been in charge of picking the pictures for each letter. Makes it more special and interesting to your child.


Keep this book handy for when your child chooses to write stories around the house. If your child wants to write a story about a Jack- o- lantern you can easily refer to your child’s ABC book by saying:

“Oh, jack-o-lantern starts like jump rope in your ABC book. What do you think jack-o-lantern starts with?

Nice teaching and oh so easy, right? The ABC book is a fabulous connecting tool to use and help your child with his beginning writing!


  1. Magnetic Letters…Gotta Use Them!

We’ve talked a bit before on our blog about some easy and beneficial magnetic letters activities to try at home. This time, we wanted to include some down home demonstrations brought to you by our resident four year old. Check out the video below.



Magnetic Letter Sort



Color Sort


Have fun adding these two ideas to your tool belt. Throughout the summer, we will be adding even more tools. Just have fun with these and remember…

A little dab will do ya!








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