Finishing Summer Strong

At the end of the day, if I can say I had fun, it was a good day.

~Simone Biles

Not to brag, but we have totally nailed summer 2017.

How? You ask?

By becoming intentional slackers and becoming super good at it, too, I might add. So far, we have watched every Avenger movie and every Dude Perfect video ever made to date. We have torn down our back deck and have discovered we have no skills to rebuild it. 

You should see our backyard.

We have taped our thumbs together with our other four fingers on each hand and tried to do things around the house. (Can you tell it’s blazing hot here in Texas?) We have eaten frozen corn dogs for dinner about three times too many. That’s corn dogs and nothing else. Not even an apple or a single grape. That might require some effort.

We’ve had horrible sounding karaoke contests where my husband sang “The Greatest Love of All” and I sang “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. 

Yeah…neither one of us won. 

And, I have mastered the art of GIFs. So if you get a text from me, you can bet it will have at least one or two GIFs to let you know what I’m thinking. Because it is too hot to write words.

Oh, and I might put one or two in the blog from here on out…you have been warned.

Sorry…they really are so much fun!

But, can I say that in this season of being intentional slackers, it’s been a really good summer. We went nowhere and did nothing spectacular, but it’s been one of the greatest summers ever. 

We were given the time to just ease into being a family of five. My nine  and seven year old have been able to get to know their little five month old sister and that has been so much fun to watch. The little one absolutely lights up when big brother or big sister come around.

Apparently, she’s not impressed by my or my husband’s feeding and diaper changing abilities. She only has eyes for big bro and big sis.

Whatever, kid.

But, like all good things, summer is quickly coming to an end for us. School starts up again this coming Wednesday and for us self-described Intentional Slackers, that won’t be easy to swallow. 

My goal, is to finish summer strong and try to stealthily (is that a word?) dust off these two brains, who might not be at their sharpest right now. Right now, my two are so not ready for school so I have to be ninjalike in trying to get them to shift into learning gear.

Okay..that’s the last one, I promise!

So, if you are like us and have been a little bit of a slacker this summer (let’s proudly and loudly unite!), here are some things to try to possibly totally redeem yourself! (That needs to be read in Jim Carey’s voice by the way from Dumb and Dumber….go back if you didn’t!)

10 Ways to Be a Ninja Brain-Duster- Offer:

  1. Read a book that has a movie, too. Read the book first, but have fun on Movie Night . Talk about the similarities and the differences between the two.
  2. Use the words “Get to” instead of “Have to” when it comes to reading. Ex. “Tonight we get to stay up as late as we want and read a book.” See what I did there? It’s all in the presentation.
  3. Make s’mores and tell summer stories – a fun way to recap the summer.
  4. Go on a sunrise picnic and/or a sunset picnic.
  5. Go on a Moonwalk – a night family walk and talk about what you see, hear, and anything else! Just talk, listen and be together!
  6. Start a dialogue journal. Keep a notebook on the kitchen table or coffee table and start a written conversation with your kids. They’ll have fun writing back and forth and reading what you have to say. Make it funny and silly, too!
  7. Cook a meal together.
  8. Have a dance party. Why not? Exercise is good for the brain!
  9.  Gather pics from summer and make a family book.
  10. Grab a big map and find all the places you went this summer and past trips.

So, there you go. It’s not too late to look like you have been doing learning stuff all summer long. In the meantime, enjoy the last lazy days of summer. Before we know it, we will be back to early mornings, packing lunches, homework, and early bedtimes.

Well, that last one might sound really good to you by now. See, now you’ve got something to look forward to…you’re welcome.

Finish Strong, Brainy Yakkers. Finish strong!

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