Why I “Do Calendar” with my Preschooler Each Day

Every time you tear a leaf off the calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.

Charles Kettering

“Let me check my calendar.”

“I’ll put you down on my calendar.”

“My calendar is my life!”

Our lives revolve around the calendar don’t they? Seasons, holidays, birthdays, vacations, games, recitals, lunch dates, meetings, etc. ….they are all written down in the tiny squares each month.

It makes me exhausted just thinking about everyone’s calendar!

Whether you are a digital person or like me, still a paper and pencil person, what would you do without your calendar? Our lives are plastered across them each month and we’re constantly making plans and thinking about what’s next. It keeps us organized and helps keep us sane….well, sort of sane, right?

So, since we are so closely tied to our calendars, wouldn’t it make sense to use it to help teach our children?

What can it teach my child?

So glad you asked.

It is one of the most natural ways to share the world with your child. It is an effective built in teacher.

Here are five great reasons to “do calendar” with your preschooler:

  1. It will provide a timeline for your child. Your child sees days, weeks, holidays, and seasons come and go but it’s hard for them to understand what’s next and when…a calendar gives them something tangible to see and understand where these days are coming and going. Can we say a rudder is something we all need? Young and old.2. It uses instructional language. Instructional language is language a child will hear in school a lot! Words like top, bottom, first, second, next, etc. Exposing your child to this type of language, will ease the transition from the home learning environment to the school learning environment for your child. (We want that to be so smooth for our little ones. So many new things are being thrown at them already!)

3. It also exposes your child to instructional language dealing with science and math. The calendar naturally allows you and your child to talk numbers: What number comes after 20? What number is between three and five? Let’s count by fives to thirty. (Do you see the possibilities?) Plus, your child will learn science by collecting authentic data when checking the weather daily and recording it daily. At the end of the month, your little meteorologist can graph the weather and discuss how many more days it was sunny than rainy. (Can we say impressive?)

4. The calendar sparks Table Talk…so nicely, too. For example, right now we’re doing a countdown to Earth Day/Arbor Day. On that day, we’re going to look up some types of trees, gather some facts, maybe even learn what a deciduous tree is and come to the table that night ready to impress with our new collection of information on trees! Calendar so easily engages the child with the world around him! Isn’t that we want for our child?


5. The calendar ties your child to extended family. Include the aunts’, the grandmas’, the cousins’  birthdays or any other important day on your calendar to help your child see what is happening with the other folks in the fam. This is a perfect time for you and your child to write a card or draw a picture for that someone special!

The calendar is such an inexpensive, authentic, and highly effective teaching tool….with huge payoffs!

So, pencil it in, okay?








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