Getting Ready for Kindergarten Series #1

So Kindergarten Round-up is happening where we are and it made me revisit this post I wrote a few years ago. It is frightfully wonderful to read this four years later…we have come so far, but yet we have ways to go! It is hard to believe it has been almost four years and my little kindergartner will soon be a fourth grader….it goes so fast, but each step is oh so fun!

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. Dr. Seuss

Soon, I am entering into a new phase of parenting. My son starts kindergarten this Fall. He is my first one to go. My plan is to find the mom who looks like she could be the biggest blubbering fool that day and stand right next to her. That way, I won’t look quite as bad as I will feel…next to her at least. Thanks in advance, blubbering Mom.

It just dawned on me, I could be the blubbering mom somebody else scopes out, too. Great.

When I went to register my son, I had to go twice. He was short two shots, so I had to return another day with the updated shot record. So, we’ve had two great tries at showing off to our new school just how ready we are for kindergarten.

And, boy, did we shine!

The first time, my five year old was transforming from a transformer to a semi truck and then to a cement truck…noise and all. My three year old was trying to hitch a ride on top of him. Looking good, kids……good.

Right before walking through the school doors the next time, I turned to him and explained we do not transform in our new school. We need to look like we are ready for Kindergarten. Understand? He nodded. Didn’t even try to correct the three year old…she’d then remember how fun it was and try it again.

I’m totally sure he is good to go, now.

We walk into the school. Nice secretary: “Hello! Good to see y’all again! Are you ready to start school young man?”

Without sparing a second, “No!” my shining star answers. How proud and not embarrassed am I, right now?

“How old are you?” She doesn’t give up. She is so nice.

“Growl!” says my big boy.

Nobody has a response to that. Who would? So, I quickly hand them my updated shot records and yes, please keep my only copy. No need to wait around any more, thank you! We will be back in August!

So, yes, my five year old and I have a lot to work on this summer. He has work to do in having appropriate human conversations and not transforming in the classroom, and I have work to do in toughening up and just letting go…I will certainly need new mascara!

So, Brainy Yakkers, who have a little one about to enter kindergarten, since we have all been there, we are going to write a series of blogs this month to help ease the pain. We are going to give you ideas on what to work on and how to prepare you and your entire family for this huge transition..,and, yes, it is a transition for everyone in the family…even the dog!

It will be okay…I was the blubbering mom the first day of school. I hugged another mom I barely knew so tight and cried….I was ridiculous! You cannot do worse than I….so knock that off your worry list!

Have fun with us this month…we will get you through this! It will all be okay! will be!

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